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Construction of houses and apartment renovation

About us

If you are planning to make major / cosmetic repairs in the apartment, make warm walls, build a country house then you came to the right place.

Our organization is a 3 - 4 constantly involved teams of builders, which include highly qualified specialists with many years of experience construction and repair of a wide variety of objects.

Our advantages

  • Satisfied Customers.

  • We have reasonable prices.

  • The work is done in a timely manner.

  • We carry out repairs of any complexity.

  • Quality garantee.

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Sample price-list

type of workcostnotes
Preparatory work, dismantling
Removing wallpaper from the walls35м2
Removing linoleum, carpet40м2
Dismantling tiles105м2
Dismantling door units350шт
Dismantling of outlets, switches55шт
Dismantling santehtochki155шт
Erection work
Threshold (doors)250шт
Installation of doors. from block550шт
Finishing clapboard200м2
Installation of insulation with profile70м2
Plasterboard work
Sheathing walls layer 1180м2
Set up a direct ceilings180м2
Erection of GC boxes180м.п.
Construction of the arch750шт
Paint and plaster works
Plaster walls from140м2
Plastered walls85м2
Paint the walls or wallpaper75м2
Wall-paper hanging 1m for painting85м2
Paint tubes90м.п.
Laying the tiles370м2
Laying tiles> 50 cm350м2
Construction of ceilings
Installation of ceilings Armstrong250м2
Plaster ceilings250м2
Plastered ceiling90м2
Painting ceilings90м2
The device is floor
Screed, leveling up to 50 mm190м2
Laying laminate floor120м2
Laying parquet from230м2
Linoleum flooring, carpet90м2
Installing the plinth50м.п.
Mounting sockets / switches90шт
Installation of pendant lights120шт
Sanitary engineering
Installation of the bathroom, from1500шт
Set. water meter, gear etc450шт
Installation of the washing machine1500шт
Installation mixer taps700шт
Installing the toilet700шт
Additional services
Cargo handling700тонна/этаж
Garbage collection (up to 3 m3)1800
Assistance in the procurement of materials300час

Budgeting and consultation of our designer are free (when you order to carry out repair and finishing work). In other cases, from 50 UAH in Kiev and from 100 UAH for Kiev suburb.

Oversee the procurement of construction materials, including transport costs 10% of the total budget work.

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